Updated on 2-26-06:

Here are the pictures from my trip to Pennsylvania back in September. It was wonderful to meet so many of the stitchers who contributed to the project. I also had the honor of meeting many of the family members of the victims of Flight 93.
It was definitely a trip to remember.

Updated on 8-3-05:

I will be displaying the quilts at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN on August 19-21. I will also be taking the Pennsylvania Quilt to Somerset County on 9-10-05. All 5 of the quilts will be traveling with CATS (Consumer Arts and Teaching Show) and will be in Hershey, PA from September 22-24 and Santa Clara, CA from October 21-23. I will be attending the Hershey show and I look forward to meeting many of you there.

Here are some pictures taken at Santa Clara CATS.

Updated on 9-11-04:

Today marks the third anniversary of 9-11. Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the horrible news? I was stitching a chart called "Good Neighbors" and watching Regis and Kelly when it happened. I was in shock and didn't believe what I was seeing on TV. It occured to me that if we were all "good neighbors", 9-11 may not have happened. Two days later, I decided to spearhead the 9-11 Quilt Project. Stitching for these quilts gave many people an outlet for their grief. God bless the families and friends touched by this tragedy and may the souls of the victims rest in peace.

Updated on 8-3-04:

I dropped the PA Quilt off to my quilter today. Beverly Marshall, a friend of mine here in Alabama, is doing the quilting at NO cost! She's a sweet lady and I'm sure she'll do a terrific job. She's also a cross-stitcher. I'll post pictures when she's done.

Updated on 7-21-04:

I finished the PA/Somerset County quilt top today. You can see pictures of it on the Construction Page. The red fabric outlines the shape of the state of PA and squares that I received from Pennsylvania stitchers are placed geographically on the quilt. My square is placed where Somerset County is. I grew up not far from there, so this quilt is very special to me. My square is also outlined with red fabric to signify where Flight 93 went down. I used blue fabric with tiny stars on it for this quilt. To me, it signifies the fact that the souls of those lost there are resting under a field of stars. Appropriately, a square that reads "Let's Roll" is right next to mine.

Many thanks to Becky Reid for donating and sending me the red fabric I needed to complete this quilt top! I will be sending it to the quilter very soon.

Updated on 7-17-04:

Today I finished the WTC, Pentagon, FDNY and NYPD Quilts. I am having the extra fabric I need to complete the PA Quilt mailed to me and will have it finished soon, then it's on to the quilters.

Updated on 7-5-04:

I will be displaying the 9-11 Quilts at the Dixie Darlin' cross stitch shop in Pigeon Forge, TN on Saturday, July 24th from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. All are welcome to stop by and see the quilts. If you'd like to arrange for the quilts to be on display in your area, please Email Me.

Updated on 7-4-04:
The quilt project was featured in my local newspaper,
The Times Daily today.

Updated on 7-3-04:
4 of the 5 quilts are complete, except for the binding. They were displayed on 7-1-04 in Nashville, TN. Click here to view some pictures of my visit. I got to meet one of the stitchers who stitched a square for the Pentagon quilt, as well as many other wonderful people who were very moved by the quilts.

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